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Hard drive replacement

Laptop Hard Drives can and do fail and will need replacing, if the drive is in the early stages of failure we can usually backup the data from the old drive and restore onto the new.

Upgrade/Speed up your LapTop with a Solid State Drive (SSD), or upgrade the size of the installed Hard Drive.

Broken or Faulty Screens

Cracked / Broken Screens Replaced

Dim, Black or Cracked Screens will likely need replacing.
We can test your system and identify which you need and if available, install a replacement.

Liquid Damaged Laptops.

With Liquid Damage, whatever you do, DO NOT TURN ON YOUR LAPTOP if you have spilt a drink on it. Unplug the Power Connector, turn the Laptop off and if possible remove the battery immediately and contact us. Once inside a Laptop, Liquids can take a very long time to dry out naturally. During this time components can begin to corrode, especially if the drink was Fruit Juice, Wine, Cola or Similar, they contain Acids and Sugars that will destroy your Laptop if not Stripped Down and cleaned and dried properly .

Data recovery

We are able to recover data from damaged or corrupted hard drives in most cases. If the damage to the Drive is Physical, as a result of a dropped Laptop or similar shock, or if the Drive has suffered an Electronic Failure or Burn Out, then Data Recovery becomes much more difficult. Please call us to Discuss your options